our heritage

From time to time, we are asked about our heritage or our roots, which is most often a request for us to identify any denominational partnerships or affiliations (i.e. Are you Catholic? Are you Baptist? Are you Methodist? Are you Presbyterian?). The Reunion campus of Plainfield Christian Church is a non-denominational church, which means we are a locally autonomous congregation (i.e. we have no denominational affiliation whatsoever). However, please know that though we are locally autonomous, we are not the only ones like us. We are part of a large, growing, diverse network of churches – most often referred to as Christian Churches or Churches of Christ – that is born out something called the Restoration Movement. This movement, which began in the 1800s, has a simple, but challenging goal: to make the church in the New Testament our model. You’ll see how we go about trying to reach that goal in a number of ways we do things, ranging from our leadership structure to the way we approach baptism to our weekly practice of the Lord’s Supper to our gathering in homes regularly. There is much more that can be shared about our heritage, though. The Reunion Campus is also born out of a missionary partnership with Plainfield Christian Church” and a church-planting organization called Stadia. Many years ago, a family left a sizeable estate gift to Plainfield Christian Church (PCC) with a simple request that the money be used to do something for the kingdom. PCC soon decided that the gift would best be used to start a new church in the area to help reach those in need of reunion with God. To help them in the logistical side of things, they sought the help of Stadia, an organization that has planted churches throughout the nation and even internationally. In the fall of 2010, through a process of interviews and a time of assessment, PCC and Stadia called on Brian Lowery to help them start the new church in the fall of 2011.