our house churches


From the “first day,” we’ve agreed on our calling as individuals and as a church: to pay witness to the work God has done, is doing, and will do in Jesus to create a reunion between God and us, his children. As we’ve explored the specifics of this calling, here is our bottom-line conclusion: We won’t wait for precious men, women, and children to come to us, but we will go to them, and through the power of deed and word, in their midst, we will pay witness to what God has done, is doing, and will do in Jesus. And note that order, friends: “through the power of deed and word.” We are well aware that so many around us are staring down pressing, painful matters that finds them “feasting on tears,” as the psalmist puts it. So, we gladly embrace initial, beautiful deeds of tangible, ongoing love and compassion – first, because we love those around us, and yet also so that we might be able to speak words of even greater news that has fallen on our ears and taken up residence in our hearts. Long story short: We want to lift up those around us in every way possible, to best of God’s ability in us.

To help us focus our energies, we have identified the key areas in which we know people in our community are hurting. So many are seeking refuge. So many are seeking sustenance. So many are seeking education, liberation, or community. And we want to be there for them. While we can certainly accomplish some of this on a broad, church-wide scale (example: our annual Harvest Hustle 5k event), we are convinced that the best way to tackle this is through our house churches – the smaller circles of men, women, and children who meet in homes throughout the week. After all, a smaller circle of people are more nimble to go. A smaller circle of people allow for deeper relationships to form with those around us. Smaller circles of people allow us to saturate our community, hitting several pressing needs and not just one or two. So, to that end, all of our house churches are formed around these pressing needs. If you come our way, hear what we’re doing, and you are, say, drawn to addressing the need for refuge in our community, we will place you in a house church comprised of others who are drawn to addressing that need for the community. Within this new house church, yes, you will laugh together, pray together, figure out how to live for Christ in the specifics of your lives. Yes, you will study the Word together. But you will also be as equally driven to be on mission together.

If you wish to learn a little more about each of the community needs we are addressing as a church, please click here. And if you wish to join a house church today, let’s talk.